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A Perennial, Balanced Zodiac, Solar Calendar which Realigns us with the Seasons and our Universal Celestial Cycles

Get Back In Sync With Nature's Cycles With The UCC

Realise Where We've Been, Where We Are Now and Where We're Going!

Make Sense of Yesterday, Understand Today and Anticipate Tomorrow


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The UCC Zone is the 'First Port of Call' for the Universal Celestial Calendar


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WHY would we benefit from a new calendar?

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Frequently Asked Questions:


would we benefit from an alternative calendar?


is wrong with the one we have?


is this alternative calendar any better?


is it aimed at?


difference would using it make to my life?




To read more about the problems with our current calendars and how we got where we are today please read

Calendar Problems


'Work' - Are We Doing Too Much?




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